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Graphene may have advantages over copper for IC interconnects at the nanoscale

Murali and collaborators Kevin Brenner, Yinxiao Yang, Thomas Beck and James Meindl studied the electrical properties of graphene layers that had been taken from a block of pure graphite. They believe the attractive properties […]

Graphene Could Help Electronics be Self-Cooling, Save Energy

Graphene is a substance that scientists have been highly interested in as an alternative material for faster-charging batteries. We’ve been hearing for several years about its potential to replace silicone in computer chips, but […]

Graphene Solar Investing in Creating Cheaper Solar Cells

Graphene is considered wonder material for the 21st century. It is extracted from graphite and comes in the form of a tightly-bound hexagon. It is 200 times stronger than steel and more conductive than […]

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3D Printing with Graphene Is Coming, and It Will Power the Future

3D printing technology and the super material graphene have the potential to bring about the next industrial revolution.New research into the properties of graphene as a material for 3D printing took a big step […]