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3D Graphene is Solar Power’s Next Platinum?

Yun Hang Hu, the Charles and Carroll McArthur Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, has developed a new, inexpensive material that could replace the platinum in solar cells without degrading their efficiency: 3D graphene.

August 21, 2013- Source: http://www.mtu.edu/news/stories/2013/august/story94626.html

Image Source: http://www.azom.com/images/Article_Images/ImageForArticle_9899(2).jpg

Graphene Solar Cells Now One Step Closer — Graphene Retains Its Unique Set of Properties

Graphene solar cells are now one step closer to reality, thanks to a new discovery made by researchers at the HZB Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics.
“We examined how graphene’s conductive properties change if it is incorporated into a stack of layers similar to a silicon based thin film solar cell and were surprised to find […]

Graphene: The Renewable Energy Solution

Rice professor Jim Tour has found a way to mount nanotubes on a sheet of graphene, creating a cheap material with a surface area of over 2,000 square meters per gram. That can store a lot of electricity.

02/27/13- Source: http://www.thestreet.com/story/11852691/1/graphene-the-renewable-energy-solution.html

Image Source: http://www.slate.com/content/dam/slate/articles/health_and_science/alternative_energy/2013/03/

Graphene paint could power homes of the future

Scientists at the University of Manchester used wafers of graphene, the discovery of which won researchers a Nobel Prize, with thin layers of other materials to produce solar powered surfaces. The resulting surfaces, which were paper thin and flexible, were able to absorb sunlight to produce electricity at a level that would rival existing […]

Graphene-Based Solar Cells Could Yield 60% Efficiency