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3D Graphene Could Replace Platinum in Solar Cells

A Michigan scientist and his team have developed an inexpensive three-dimensional graphene honeycomb that they say can replace the very expensive platinum used in solar cells.Scientists focusing their efforts on lowering the cost of […]

Graphene-Coated Silicon Power Cell Signals a Battery-Free Future

Traditional batteries which store energy in chemical reactions, a new device stores electricity by assembling ions on the surface & the engineers coated the surface with graphene. A team of engineers at Vanderbilt just […]

3D Graphene is Solar Power’s Next Platinum?

Yun Hang Hu, the Charles and Carroll McArthur Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, has developed a new, inexpensive material that could replace the platinum in solar cells without degrading their efficiency: 3D graphene.

August […]

Graphene Solar Cells Now One Step Closer — Graphene Retains Its Unique Set of Properties

Graphene solar cells are now one step closer to reality, thanks to a new discovery made by researchers at the HZB Institute for Silicon Photovoltaics.
“We examined how graphene’s conductive properties change if it is […]