Exploring the Potential Applications of Graphene-Based Devices

Researchers have attempted to use graphene as a replacement for silicon in semiconductor devices. The problem with graphene in its unaltered form is that it does not have a band gap. The basic idea is to chemically modify the graphene so that it retains its unusually high mobility, but introduces a band gap to […]

Flexible touch-screen displays for mobile devices

Graphene has extraordinary properties which will lead to a revolution in many technology areas.ByungHee Hong, Jong-Hyun Ahn and co-workers have demonstrated roll-to-roll production and wet chemical doping of mostly monolayer graphene films grown by chemical vapour deposition onto flexible copper substrates.

Source: http://www.graphene.manchester.ac.uk/future/

Graphene Computer Chips Run on Light Instead of Electricity

A trio of studies was just published in Nature Photonics that detail a new technique for using graphene as the light-friendly base for computer chips & it’s designed by researchers at MIT, Columbia and IBM’s T.J. Watson Research Center. Scientists are hopeful that the material will soon make the jump from the lab to […]