Proof: graphene can convert sunlight to electricity

Graphene has an excellent ability to convert solar radiation into energy.Researchers found that Graphene contains the basis for a mechanism known as carrier multiplication. This mechanism involves the generation of multiple electron-hole pairs from the absorption of a single photon.

August 1, 2013- Source:

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Graphene makes light work of optical signals

A third group of researchers, at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Shatin, created a graphenephotodetector that could detect longer wavelength of light, in the mid-infrared part of the spectrum.

15 September 2013- Source:

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Researchers advance scheme to design seamless integrated circuits etched on graphene

Researchers in electrical and computer engineering at University of California, Santa Barbara have introduced and modeled an integrated circuit design scheme in which transistors and interconnects are monolithically patterned seamlessly on a sheet of graphene, a 2-dimensional plane of carbon atoms. The demonstration offers possibilities for ultra-energy-efficient, flexible, and transparent electronics.

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