Best of Both Worlds Power Storage from GrapheneSupercapacitors

Graphenesupercapacitors have immense potential to revolutionize the efficiency and environmental-friendliness of our electronics. Especially after the researchers discuss about graphene’s potential, it’s difficult not to be excited for the future of this technology.

22/02/13- Source:

Graphene ‘multiplies’ power of light

Graphene can convert a single absorbed photon into “multiple” electrons that can drive electric current – which the ICFO, Barcelona-led research team describe as “a very promising discovery” that makes graphene an important alternative material for light harvesting technologies, now based on conventional semiconductors like silicon.

27 Mar 2013- Source:

World’s thinnest substance graphene ‘will power the next generation of computers’

The researchers found that electrons travel a lot more quickly in graphene than they do in silicon; the substance current computer chips are made out of. A new generation of computers and smartphones could run much faster if they were made from the world’s thinnest substance, scientists have claimed.

25 July 2011- Source: